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When dealing with a small living space you need to consider every aspect of your interior, from ceiling height to walls and floors. We share a few of our top tips for making compact living a breeze…


The Great Divide

An efficient use of partitions in imperative as it is highly likely that you will not have multiple walls to separate your public and private areas. Use high rise dividers and nooks that are elevated or hidden in a skilful way.

Stylishly Suitable

Any design style can suit a small apartment if done properly, however a space that is minimalist and streamlined usually works best, especially when paired with a colour palette that is precise and does not condense the space. This can make it appear larger, creating new possibilities and a seamless look.


Finishing Touch

When selecting finishes you should consider materials that are natural and do not contain excessive detail as this can be quite overwhelming. Isolate your finishes to a certain space to make your zones that much clearer. Alternatively you can frame your zones using colour and implement your chosen materials throughout your home.


Built-in compartments are important – seamless hidden cupboards and drawers can make all the difference. Believe it or not, your bookshelf, drawer and fridge can occupy one spot. Compact kitchens with hidden appliances and clean lines construct an efficient beautiful space.

Form Meets Function

When assembling a flexible space it is paramount that you purchase furniture that is functional and versatile. Every item and object you select to put in your space should serve a purpose and not just take up space or be aesthetically pleasing.


DECO’s Top Tips:
  • Every room should be used for two or more purposes
  • Simple and minimalist design works best
  • Create storage nooks and built in compartments.
  • Select functional and versatile furniture
  • Use natural finishes and materials
  • Swap your bulky desktop and sound system for a laptop and iPod dock
  • Create a compact kitchen
  • Try occupy one spot/area with multiple facilities.
  • Pull your seating arrangement together
  • Get objects/furniture off the ground i.e suspended plants, floating cabinets and shelves
  • Hang curtain and blinds extra high to make your ceiling appear higher
  • Consider a murphy bed (wall bed) that folds up when not in use

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