The Narativ concept store Artisan products
Contemporary African design has a new online home. The New York-based concept store The Narativ is bringing the best of African luxury to the world.

Through multiple brand partnerships, The Narativ acts as a one-stop online store for authentic African-made designs ranging from home accessories to intimates. Based in Brooklyn, New York the team curated exhibitions, facilitate collaboration and serve as a global marketplace for selected homegrown brands.

These are some of the South African products featured in the concept store:

Mary Jean Mmere Bangle

concept store for African Design

Johannesburg-based Mary Jean Treloar is the founder and designer of MARY JEAN jewellery.  The handmade pieces are inspired by the beauty and simplicity of the bold, geometric patterns and symbols found throughout Africa.

The Limpopo Collective

concept store for African Design

The Limpopo Collective are a group of Women Artisans based in Limpopo. Their unique embroidered accessories allows them to make a living that helps supports their communities.

Rus Crochet Sneakers

concept store for African Design

Rus Crochet Sneakers are lovingly handcrafted in Johannesburg by a man named Rus Logical.

Urban Mosadi Leather Tote

concept store for African Design

Urban Mosadi is a leather goods brands that specialises in accessories and bags made from the finest leather and West African fabric.

Maria McCloy Printed Boots

concept store for African Design

Johannesburg-based Maria McCloy’s makes accessories with attitude. Her beautifully crafted shoes, jewellery, and clutches are inspired by the colorful lives of those in Johannesburg.

We’re looking forward to see how the platform will grow in future.