Light by Tom Dixon. Images from cush&nooks

As featured in the Deco Focus of our  current Trends Issue, the copper trend continues to shine in a big way. Copper, with its warm golden glow, can be reminiscent of Victorian England and old copper tubs. But there’s a lot more to copper than its vintage past. Being one of the hardiest metals, it kind of makes sense to use it in your kitchen and bathroom. To go industrial cool, think exposed copper pipes. Or go proper old school with a copper tub or farmhouse style copper sink. The possibilities are endless. We love the modern look of Tom Dixon’s copper shade pendant lights. Crema Design in Green Point, Cape Town, will be launching the Tom Dixon Shop-In-Shop, a standalone Tom Dixon retail space in Crema on Wednesday 27th March. One lucky reader stands to win a Tom Dixon ‘hex’ bowl by simply dropping their name in a hat (or a Tom Dixon bowl!) giving you a chance to get ahead of the trend. We’re inviting 30 readers to the exclusive event. Keep an eye on our blog next week to find out how to be one of the thrilled 30.

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Once your home has a sufficiently rosy glow we’re positive that copper fever will have bitten you just as it has us. Like magpies, the need for metallics has got us in a spin about copper. Not only wanting to add interest to our homes but also to ourselves. Here are our favourites.

Inspiring acts of kindness throughout the world, Band4hope is a trackable travelling copper wristband. Passed on from person to person the original proceeds go to a women’s shelter in Zimbabwe but the giving does not need to stop there. Each copper band is inscribed with a unique serial number allowing the new owner to log into the site where they can share their personal journey as well as continue to donate to one of the many charities. So purchase you copper band, wear it until you feel you meet an interesting character (a friend or a lover, a stranger who inspired you or someone in need of a little hope) pass it on and watch as your band makes its way around the world. Hope is contagious, pass it on.

Dear rae was started in 2010 by artist Karin Rae, specializing in rings, pendants and bangles. Her signature style consists of natural lines and simplistic forms. We love her pieces for their everyday wearability as well as how they stack on top of one another, making it possible to mix copper with brass and silver.

Posted by Kat Scriven & Jenny Mason