When it comes to building materials that reflect the warm and lively spirit of our continent, there’s no building material more quintessentially African than face brick.

Made from the very earth that supports a rich diversity of African life, clay face brick is uniquely suited to the African environment. With extremely durable and robust properties, it makes the perfect building material for homes in Africa.

Take a look at these 5 clay face brick benefits to see why this building material is the preferred choice for architects and home owners throughout the continent:

1.Resistant to ants, borer and termites.

There are many types of ants, borer and termites in Africa that can cause serious damage to untreated housing structures. However, owners of clay face brick homes are fortunate enough not to have to worry about insect infestations, as face brick’s high density prevents insects from breeding and chewing through walls.


Since clay face brick is incombustible, it cannot contribute to the start of rapid fire spread. This is an extremely important property for African housing, as the environment is prone to wild, uncontrolled fires.

3.Water resistant

Because flooding is a constant concern throughout many parts of Africa, a large percentage of the population choose to build their homes with clay face brick. Face brick does not retain water, and so it is able to withstand saturation from flood water.

4.Regulates temperature

Clay face brick is extremely effective when it comes to temperature regulation. Acting like a thermal battery, it absorbs the warmth of the sun during the day, and slowly releases it at night. This helps face brick homes maintain an interior comfort zone in harsh African weather extremes.

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Created by ELLE Decoration for Corobrik