These days we’re all busy and sometimes the idea of dragging oneself to the gym after a long day of work, or even before for that matter, can seem completely uninticing. Enter the home gym. A workout space at home not only saves you on gym membership fees but also rids you of any excuse not to work up a sweat. The trick is to create a space that is both visually appealing and motivating. Our Editor, Bielle Bellingham, shares her tips for creating an inspiring workout space at home.


Why are home gyms such a big trend at the moment?

  • With the rise in popularity of Crossfit and other comparable workouts, the home fitness landscape is changing accordingly.
  • There’s a renewed global enthusiasm for health and wellness. It’s becomes a key measure of success, trend forecaster Chris Reid explains that it’s almost as though wellness is the new affluence. You’re seeing it in everything from the explosion in fitness tracking wearable technology, to luxury exercise clubs, and we’re seeing this in home trends too, with spaces and decor designed to help us live healthier lives.
  • It’s no secret that nothing beats the convenience of working out in the privacy of your own home, and well-designed personal fitness rooms can provide all of the amenities of a world-class health club. A luxury home doesn’t have to mean big equipment, but instead focuses on a variety of workouts in which technology and aesthetic design elements are key.
  • It’s also a great way to foster a love of fitness and wellness at an early stage in your children, if it literally becomes part of your daily lives and homes.

What are the major trends in home gyms at the moment?

  • One home gym trend that is growing at a particularly fast rate is doing away completely with equipment. Before there were treadmills, stationary bikes and weight benches, people stayed in shape using body weight exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, squats, and so on. It may not seem quite as cool as using a big machine, but in a lot of cases, these exercises will quite easily fill the role that would normally be filled by a piece of machinery that you’d pay a monthly fee to use. The only equipment you’ll really need is yourself, and an exercise mat.

What are the basic requirements for a home gym?

Space: If you have the space (and it doesn’t take much), a home gym can be a worthwhile investment.

Flooring: When designing the home gym, the floor is one of the most important elements. You could use rubber flooring, to create a softer floor. It has great sound absorption properties as well as give so that their feet don’t start hurting after a while of standing on a perfectly flat and hard surface.

Lighting: Lighting is very important, as well as mirrors, so that you can have proper form during the workout.

Storage: You need to make sure that your gym is neat and doesn’t take up too much space or clutter your home.

Music: For me music is an important part of my exercise regime, so why not install speakers for music that will pump you up or calm you down.

Cooling Down: One of the most important elements of a good workout is a healthy cool-down period, so it’s nice if the gym is connected to a bathroom containing either a sauna, steam shower, or both. You could place your home gym near to an outdoor area, so you can pop out for air or a swim afterwards.


How can your gym equipment become a part of your home decor without it being an eyesore for your family and friends?

  • Make the space multi functional, and ensure that there is sufficient storage, so that you can pack everything away afterwards.
  • Make the space visually appealing, so when it is not in use for exercise, you can still relax in there, or perhaps even meditate or entertain.
  • The reality is that we don’t all have loads of space to set up a home gym, so you need to be very clever and create multi functional spaces. Even a corner of a room cleared of furniture can be enough space for rolling out a yoga mat or working out with weights.

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