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She’s an art director, stylist, image maker and calls Western Australia home. Meet Meghan Plowman, a skilled designer and someone with a brilliant eye for visuals, as she spills on her career and top tips for styling your home.


With a career that started by studying graphic design at university, Meghan gradually became interested in product design, as she found herself wandering the exhibit halls of students pursuing just that. She explains how she felt her calling was to work with product, space and imagery, as she meandered around her design building. She spent a lot of time in the photography journal corner in the library, which of course, sparked a love for visual design and aesthetics.

In this time I was always photographing and I learnt a valuable lesson there in trusting your gut and paying attention to what you get lost in.

Your journey into the arts continued…

After 5 years of work in graphics and interior design I began shooting and styling my own work. An important step was actually getting it out there for the world to see. The beginning step was collaborating and submitting to as many printed sources as I could to have my work published.

As I have grown I have been more selective about where my work goes and it’s such a thrill to see my work published. It’s been a lot of fun and my style continues to evolve as I get to know myself better and explore new arenas of art, design, nature. I have been very thankful for the opportunities and companies I have had the chance to work and be featured with.

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What is your daily routine like?

My work is all about managing multiple and varying jobs, so I have to carefully plan my week. Some days will see me in my office planning the week ahead, sending work off to print, or planning an advertisement. On a day where I am sourcing or collecting items for a job I usually start with answering emails then hit the road to collect pieces I need for a shoot or display.

I gain a lot of energy from the relationships I have formed with local businesses and it’s important for me to have that personal contact. It allows me to stay informed with what is going on and share a conversation with someone who may only chat with customers and suppliers all day. I like to make sure I’m up to date with their projects and what’s new which we can potentially create new opportunities together for. Then the day usually involves sketching out ideas, (photographing at some point) and organising logistics, which is a huge part of the job. It’s cliche I know, but no day is the same for me!

Your latest styled shoot…

I recently travelled to Queensland for a photographed campaign for my client and good friends at Once Was Lost. We boated to a nearby island off the Fraser coast where we photographed their new range of throws and scarves. From early afternoon until sunset the weather and landscape shone for us and we worked with an incredible team of assistants and talent. It was a real refresher job and it reminded me how lucky I am to live in Australia and do the job I do. As the range is yet to be released here are a couple of quick behind the scenes images from that day! Follow Once Was Lost on Instagram. 
Photoshoot Sneak Peaks of styling for Once Was Lost

Top 3 style tips for your home

I always find it tricky to define my style because it’s quite mixed; a collection of things found, new and usually greens! But it does always come back to being quite natural in material and tone so let’s start there.

  • Don’t be afraid to mix a combination of furniture pieces and don’t believe everything has to match, including timbers. In one room I think I have a mix of jarrah, marri, oak, pecan and teak timbers! When combined with colour to ground them all they work well to warm up a space.

Timber is the best way to add warmth without getting hot with your colour choices.

  • Green is a neutral! What better way to add life (and health benefits) to your room than inviting in a potted plant to a corner space or even in your bathroom?  Try a Sansevieria, a Spathiphyllum or a monstera plant for an instant sculpture and clean air (but just check first which are safe for cats if you have any!)

I love how greens add a sense of living, breathing natural to a room and suit all styles of decor.

  • Probably my top tip is to choose items that you love for a space. Never underestimate your own gut when it comes to decorating (or anything in life for that matter!) Your personal favourites and those items that give you joy deserve to be on display. If it’s a challenging piece to incorporate then it gives you a chance to get creative.


Questions to ponder when styling

If it’s a painting or image, how can you display it in a creative way? On a mantle, leaning against a wall? Hung in an interesting framing system?

First establish those things that make you smile and you love being surrounded by.

Then look to some creative ways (they don’t need to be tricky) to make them feel welcome.

Who should DECO readers be following on Instagram?

There are so many incredible people, @alice_gao,  @corinanika,  @local_milk  and  @stephanie_somebody, I follow for different reasons, from botanical imagery, travel, product to landscapes. But I have a few favourites that inspire me and open doors to locations of the world I dream of visiting and working in. 
@alice_gao | @corinanika | @local_milk | @stephanie_somebody

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