The Hayon x Nani by Jaime Hayon for Nanimarquina. (Image supplied)

[FEATURED] When looking for stunning rugs, Crema Design will be your first and only stop

If you love décor and interior design, Crema Design should be on your list of favourite places. Its taste for high-quality products is matched only by its affinity for personal customer service.

Crema Design imports top-quality interior lighting, furniture, accessories and rugs too. Nanimarquina, a family-owned company started in 1987 by Elena Marquina, who wanted to design unique, handcrafted rugs, provides Crema Design with most of its impressive rugs.

The Moor carpet made by &Tradition is available for viewing in their Woodstock showroom. (Image supplied)

Combining traditional and contemporary design, its rugs are truly unique. Nanimarquina also develops handcraft techniques and new materials, which is why it’s seen as a pioneer in the rug industry.

Just like Crema Design, it’s always looking for new talent to work with. Jaime Hayon, Nao Tamura and Eduardo Chillida are only a some of the talented designers Nanimarquina has worked with.

The Mélange range by Nanimarquina. (Image supplied)

Handcrafted with pure New Zealand wool, these stunning rugs have a lead time of only two weeks.

Crema Design also sells rugs made by HAY, &Tradition and Tom Dixon. All of these high-end brands make textiles that are resistant to stain, dampness, fire and UV damage.

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