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Blending form with function and blurring the division between the utilitarian and decorative, the modern kitchen is where performance and aesthetics combine…

In our Wine and Dine Special, we bring you a mini report of the latest kitchen trends, design ideas and expert opinions. We show you how to update the heart of your home.

Tip: On Display

Create a small vignette of open shelves or a countertop as a display of well-worn cookbooks, a wooden cutting board or prized ceramics can make a kitchen feel inviting and considered. However, ensure this doesn’t interrupt your work flow.

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A kitchen has to be big enough to fit a table and chairs so that it can be the heart of any family gathering or party.

– Hannerie Visser

Expert Opinion: Clair Winstanley

The culinary genius behind our latest food story – Cruciferous Vegetables, we asked Claire for her advice on what makes a functional kitchen.

  • The kitchen is the heart of the home, therefore you need to make it accessible and user-friendly.
  • Allow for a seating area around the preparation counter.
  • Ensure the distance from the oven to the sink it short because this is the most frequented route in the kitchen while cooking.
  • Finally, make as much counter space available as possible, adding functional and useable food preparation areas.

Trend: Mix & Match

The kitchen should be a welcoming and attractive space with brilliant textures, warmth and light. Give it some unexpected flavour by mixing complementary and contrasting materials. Industrial concrete with raw wood, dark porcelain with polished steel, brass accents against durable marble… this dynamic approach will give you endless possibilities.

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Never skimp on a decent stove and combination oven, proper extraction fan is especially relevant. They can be the most valuable item in your kitchen as they remove all excess smoke and cooking vapour from the room.


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