Have you ever dreamt of becoming a museum curator? Then the Curate Life Collection Competition at MOAD is for you. With the deadline fast-approaching, you only have until Friday 3 July to enter. What are you waiting for? Here’s everything you need to know…

You are invited to come up with a curatorial concept and exhibition layout to exhibit the Curate Life Collection at the Museum of African Design (MOAD) and the winner will have the whole MOAD Project Space to put up their exhibition. The winner and two runner up winners will also receive internships at the prestigious SABC Collection.

In a strong curatorial concept, the ‘Curator’ takes on the role of ‘Overseer’ or ‘Guardian’ not only of the works, but also of the audience for which they are exhibited. Great care needs to be taken to assess the needs of the museum visitor, and what resources and stories the collection may share.

A clear statement of intent should address why the exhibition should be undertaken, who it is for, and how the audience will experience and learn during (and after) their visit. A checklist of the works in the show (recommended max. 30), and diagrams or descriptions of the exhibition design and reasoning should be part of the concept.

The Curate Life Collection competition is open from Monday, 18 May to Friday, 3 July 2015Click here to view the Life Collection artworks and artists’ info. Select from the works and come up with your curated exhibition.


Tips for writing your curatorial concept:
  • State the intent and concept of your exhibition.
  • Qualify why you have selected certain artworks.
  • Qualify why they should be exhibited together.
  • Look at the Life Collection Artists’ Statements and Biographies of the artists to guide you in terms of the curatorial content.
  • Provide a layout of your proposed exhibition in the MOAD Project Space. Download the Project Space floor plan below to map your exhibition out. Include the list of artworks you will use for your exhibition. It is recommended to select a maximum of 30 artworks to display in your exhibition. Take into account the amount of artworks and sizes of the artworks that you select and if they are able to hang in the Project Space.

For more information, go to moadjhb.com/curate.