My 365 Days in Print creates timeless journals based on your year and how you’ve documented moments on social media. Connect with Facebook, preview and print. That’s all you need to do to get your own unique copy, 365 does all the work for you.

Facebook seems to have become the modern man’s journal. It’s become a place where we share our thoughts, fears, special moments and memories – pretty ironic considering journals and diaries were once a private phenomenon.

Although many people see digital as the way of the future, we should not forget the beauty that lies in printed and tangible products. Who knows what might happen to all the social networks we use to document significant moments in our life?

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram may not be forever and that means our memories may not last. Pia Knoester figured out a simple and genius solution to this sad reality: she merged the use of Facebook as a means to communicate your thoughts and feelings, with a tangible printed journal: My 365 Days in Print.

Elle Decoration SA
Elle Decoration SA

#MY365 is a beautiful and delightful way to preserve your thoughts and memories that can get lost in the noise of Facebook. 365 will extract your most significant memories (based on likes), allow you to edit and slightly customize  before printing it on the highest quality paper, and then it will deliver your journal to your doorstep.

With its clean and elegant design, 365 will leave you wanting a new journal for every year.

Elle Decoration SA

The 365 initiative is also a strong supporter of education, and for every order of My 365 Days in Print, €1 is donated to a charity that helps build schools, supply school materials and train teachers. Create your own journal at