In connection with World Design Capital 2014, the Embassy of Denmark is bringing Danish design and architecture to Cape Town for you to explore examples of their world-renowned Danish design.

Functionality is the pillar of Danish design. Together with simplicity and a striving for the highest quality, Danish design often reflects the beauty and calmness of a country that has been continuously voted the happiest in the world.

The back drop of the Danish exhibition is Youngblood, a once-industrial warehouse in the centre of Cape Town, renovated to reflect the move from historical to modern. As such, it provides a fitting framework for the showcasing of the innovative design products and architectural know-how, for which Denmark has become famous.

This exhibition seeks to cement ties between Denmark and South Africa, the foundations of which were laid during Denmark’s support to the democratic transition in South Africa. The exhibition is not only about exhibiting products, but also aims to expand collaboration between our two countries.

Entry to the showroom is free and open to the public on the following days:
November 4 (12h00 to 17h00), November 5 (12h30 to 16h30), and November 6 (12h00 to 15h00)
Showroom Venue: Youngblood, Beautifull Life Building, 70 – 72 Bree Street, Cape Town

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14093 - 09-800x800The Exhibitors
The list of exhibitors will show you what they have to offer, as well as exploring partnerships with South Africans.

An appetizer: Aarhus School of Architecture – considered to be one of the foremost architectural universities in the world is looking to expand and collaborate with the wealth of South African talent. Similarly, VIA School of Creative Industries is looking forward to create exchange programmes for young talented South Africans.

BY:G is a vibrant architectural, engineering and design studio that has the exceptional talent of making even a supermarket look like somewhere you could happily spend your vacation. It specializes in the combination of classic Nordic styles and influences from others.

Once you have your house or hotel designed you can fill it with stunning floor adornment from Ege Carpets, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of custom-made carpets with that (by now) famous Danish flare and functionality.

Naga has emerged with one of the most innovative notice board concepts for home, office and even school use. The magnetic boards are made from glass, they can be written on, and come in various colours, all of which score a fabulous 10 in functionality, simplicity and iconographic Danish design.

Natures Collection makes skins, leather and wool products into stylish interior décor in designs that will leave you breathless.

Staying with interior design, you’ll find Jacob Jensen Design, famous for their functional kitchen appliances, consumer goods, and jewelry. They’re looking for South African partners and visualize a collaborative design-training studio in South Africa.

Finally, on a more individual level Denmark’s very own Pandora jewelry will be there, as well as Lindberg, well known for their eyewear. CULT, the fashionable and trendy drinks company is looking to expand its market with the alcoholic, non-alcoholic and energy drinks. The new product design is groundbreaking and BEYOND excited to enter the South African market.

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For more information, please contact:
Embassy of Denmark
Mr Elis Ingi Benediktsson
Financial and Commercial Advisor
082 749 3181