Today we launch a series of ‘Afternoons with…’ starting with the intrepid, beautiful and gifted Kath Pichulik, the designer behind the coveted Pichulik range of accessories.

Our houses are extensions of ourselves, they become like self-portraits and in this series, we visit a handful of exciting individuals and give you a glimpse into their spaces and their ‘stuff’. We’ve had fashion on the brain lately, having been looking at its connection to interiors, so Kath was the perfect choice to launch the series. She lives in Seapoint, Cape Town, with her boyfriend, David Brits.

Images: Bedroom and lounge area
Images: Daybed on outside balcony, a sculpture of rocks and crystals by Daniella Mooney

What does a stroll down memory lane look like for you?

My grandmother Helen’s home. She was a French teacher. I would go over to her house for French lessons when I was 8 or so, but this was actually an excuse for us to sit and watch soapies or River Dance, and drink sweet Ceylon tea. Her house was one of those old gems in Parktown North in Johannesburg. It had wooden floors and a treasure trove of antiques and oriental pieces, hand-painted ceramics, pressed ceilings – busting with pot plants. She had an aviary of budgies and canaries outside, nestled amongst exotic plants. She baked tins of meticulously cut and pressed corn cookies, with a glacier cherry perfectly perched on each one. She wore ‘Anais Anais’ and had gold bangles that jingled like a cat when she regularly re-arranged the decor in her home. She was a lady, an exotic bird – perhaps in some way the silent, strong woman I make jewellery for.

Can you talk a little about your budding art collection?

My art collection is comprised of friends’, family and my boyfriend, David Brits’ work. Daniella Mooney gave me a sculpture of rocks and crystals for my birthday this year, and Jody Paulsen gave me screen-print. Georgina Gratrix is the only woman to have an account at PICHULIK after she gave me two oils. My parrot and two portraits of Algerian woman were given to me by my father and were painted by my Great Aunt Tant Suzanne who lives in Nouvelle Caledonie and is half blind in her late nineties. The colours are magical. There are also pieces we have collected on our travels; a vintage religious poster of Shiva from India, masks from India and figurines from Spain, India and Thailand.

Images:  Parrot painting and portrait of Algerian woman painted by Kath’s Great Aunt Tant Suzanne, Kath grinning for the camera in central courtyard of her apartment block
Images: Hat stand by Jasper Eales, with her boyfriend, artist David Brits, in their home.

Kath studied at Michaelis, majoring in printmaking and then she qualified as a pastry chef. She went to India and on a 36-hour train ride started making jewellery out of materials she found on her travels – rope, a bead and bones. She carried on playing with different materials and started wearing her neckpieces, and each time she wore one someone would comment or offer to buy it. She started to find a language in these materials and people seemed to respond. It all strangely makes sense in retrospect – the evolution from printmaking to pastry to jewels.

Images: Painting by Georgina Gratrix
Images: Pieces from Pichulik’s Autumn/Winter 2013 Range



Email: pichulik(at)

Mobile:+27 82 449 0024

Twitter: @Pichulik

The house was shot by the lovely Alix-Rose, from Between 10and5.

“Like my hyphenated first name and the symbol of my star sign (The Twins), my job is also two fold. By week I work as the Editor of online creative showcase Between 10and5. When not sharing the latest by SA’s designers, illustrators or photographers, I make pictures myself. By weekend I shoot fashion photographs, in particular, lookbooks for fresh, independent clothing and jewellery labels. I’m hugely inspired by interesting surfaces, spaces and architecture, so I had a great time shooting Kat & Dave’s apartment”

Email: rosealix(at)
Twitter: @alixrosecowie