Brett Murray | Night and Day | 2015 | 2 part Woodcut on Hahnemühle
Brett Murray | Night and Day | 2015 | 2 part Woodcut on Hahnemühle Copperplate White 350gsm | Published and printed by Warren Editions

During June and July 2015, Brett Murray will be collaborating with Warren Editions to exhibit The Devil is in the Detail – prints from Murray’s latest collection Again and Again. DECO takes a look at what Murray fans can expect from this must-see show.


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Brett Murray | Illumination | 2014 | 3 part Woodcut on Zerkall Bütten 145gsm | Published and printed by Warren Editions

It is no small task converting etchings into prints –  let alone human-sized woodcuts – which makes the experience of Brett Murray’s latest exhibition, The Devil is in the Detail, that much more inspiring. Recognising the challenges this process presents, and the extreme detail in the result is remarkable.


It was the Goodman Gallery in Cape Town, where DECO saw the latest collection of Brett Murray’s work Again and Again – another amusing, potentially offensive and powerful exhibition touching on South Africa’s current democracy, and the tragedy and comedy that goes along with. As the viewer your thoughts will be captured, you will find something to question and every now and then you may find yourself drifting between being entertained and facing a sad reality.

Brett Murray | Call and Response I I 2015 | 2 part etching on Somerset Black Velvet 250gsm | Published and printed by Warren Editions

The mixed media sculptures, installations, etchings and canvases are compelling, so for the works to be converted into prints is not only impressive but quite exciting too. Pencil it in and head down to Warren Editions in Cape Town for a treat of a day.

For further information, DECO readers can contact Warren Editions –
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The Devil is in the Detail | New Prints by Brett Murray
runs from 4 June 2015 until 1 August 2015

Third Floor, 62 Roeland Street, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

Interested in print-making?

We sat down with the experts at Warren Editions to learn more. Have a read here.