Left: Katherine Bull #2c left & right hand, 2014 Right: Christian Nerf | every single touch counts (62), 2014

Printmaking has allowed some of the greatest art works into our homes to be enjoyed by your average Joe and Jane anywhere in the world. But it is the essence and feeling of originality that comes with a good print that makes it worthwhile. DECO spoke to Warren Editions to learn more about this technical art and their current exhibition.

At Warren Editions, value is placed on projects that contribute meaningfully to the discourse of contemporary art and culture in South Africa. We encourage artists to explore various possibilities – and in so doing to discover, in print, their own visual language

Georgina Gratrix | Bad Feminist | 2012

Working with both emerging and established local artists, Warren Editions (WE) is passionate about not only publishing and printing high quality prints, but contributing to the South African contemporary art world as well. Valuing the relationship between each artist, WE focusses on the process of printmaking whilst including the artist throughout to ensure that their vision is not lost.

This sort of layered collaboration between artist and studio, this partnering of play and organisation that is printmaking, invariably leads to new and exciting directions in an artist’s practice.

Georgina Gratrix | Base | 2008

WE is currently running their exciting curated exhibition of original prints, Forming Impressions | The Ghost in the Machine. Collected from the Artist Proof Studio in Johannesburg and Warren Editions in Cape Town, the exhibition highlights an interesting time where the availability of Internet is interfering with the abundant history of painting and printmaking.

Michael Taylor | Cerulean ghost | 2013

The exhibition has a strong tone set on South Africa’s own rhymes, politics and art history, including artists such as Georgina Gratrix, Michael Taylor, Paul Edmunds, William Kentridge, Mongezi Ncaphayi, David Tsoka, Sara-Aimee Verity and Max Wolpe. A must-see for all.


For further information, DECO readers can contact Warren Editions –
+27 (0)21 461 6070 or warreneditions.com.

runs from 2 APRIL 2015 until 6 JUNE 2015

Third Floor, 62 Roeland Street, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa