Indigo artwork by Lynn Pollard

In our current Winter Issue, on shelf now, the DECO Colour feature took a fascinating look into the history of blue. One such blue – Indigo – has a history as deep and varied as the shades it come in and we fell for Lynn Pollard’s dreamy landscapes.

During our deep blue research for this fascinating feature, we uncovered a range of inspiring indigo hues and applications throughout the design world and beyond, from fabric dyes to double denim jeans. In further research, DECO unearthed intriguing indigo artworks by US based artist Lynn Pollard.

Lynn Pollard6

Lynn Pollard5

As seen in our Winter issue, Lynn Pollard’s artworks result from paper dipped multiple times  into traditional plant derived indigo vats. She choses not to name the pieces individually, rather leaving the viewer to decide what they see in the inky landscapes themselves.

When asked why choosing to work with this blue, the artist says:

The complex nature of this particular dye (which is the only dye which can be used in this way), the ancient practices of dyeing blue, the traditional experience and symbolism, and the superstitions that developed around it for many ancient cultures all add to the significance for me. In dyeing paper with indigo, I have felt completely free.

Lynn Pollard1

The beauty, depth, and complexity of indigo has led to this work.

Lynn’s artworks are available for worldwide purchase online through and you can discover more about Lynn and her work at

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