Having recently announced the Plascon Colour Trend Forecast for 2015, DECO got in touch with Anne Roselt, the expert Colour Marketing Manager for Kansai Plascon plant and asked her a few questions. 

Anne Roselt | Elle Decoration South Africa
Anne Roselt, the expert Colour Marketing Manager for Kansai Plascon plant

What is Plascon’s definition of colour?
Colour is a reflection of light, it not only makes the world a beautiful place to live in, but it can affect the way we feel.

What is the importance of celebrating colour?
Colour makes the world a beautiful place, it can also uplift our spirits and affect our mood. Most of us take colour for granted, but if used correctly it can create a happy, healthy and comfortable space to live in.

How does colour affect our lives?
Colour is an energy and each colour has an energy that affects us- whether we like that colour or not.
For instance red excites and motivates us; it gives us energy so it is a good colour to introduce when you are feeling tired or run down and need an energy boost.  Nature’s greens are stress relieving and soothe and calm us- both physically and mentally. You can read more about the energy of the colours in the Plascon 2015 Colour forecast booklet, available now at your Plascon retailer.

What colour trends have been forecast for 2015?
The 2015 Colour forecast is a celebration of colour and consists of 4 themes:

Urban Glow
Urban Glow explores an ethereal world within an urban scene. Inspired by the first light of dawn over a cityscape.  A beautiful combination of a pastel coloured sky to more graphic accents of the industrial landscape. Urban Glow is a story full of hope, exploring the progression of colour to create spaces with illusory aesthetics, allowing us to escape into another world. Some of the key points in this trend – we see paint effects are back with multi colour washes, ombre and diffused shades.

Natural Balance
Exploring the cycle of life in the natural world, the first signs of new growth, ageing, and decaying, all breed a colour palette with added depth and curiosity. Health and wellbeing are the new commodities, with nature being a key driver in creating soothing spaces. Natural Balance explores the importance of bringing to nature in our homes, as well as other living and working spaces. People feel happier, more relaxed and are more productive when they are in close contact with nature.

Worn finishes, gloss sheens, rich colours and tranquil spaces are all key influences of the Natural Balance theme.

Vivid Expression
Vivid Expression is a celebration of bright colours uniting in one story and reflecting a world where seasonality no longer applies. These bright tropical hues challenge our preconceptions with clashing colour combinations and artistic paint effects creating a joyful and playful atmosphere Vivid Expression heightens the senses with floral overloads, large scale designs and indulgent surface decorations

Tailor Made
Delighting in the everyday, Tailor Made explores a quiet luxury where simple design is valued for its honest and thoughtful approach. Familiar objects and everyday materials are renewed using this new palette, forming a trend that builds emotional connections. Driving the story are the warm neutrals offering the ultimate approach to comfort. With deep colours to create intimate spaces and great back drops for furniture and collections.

The forecast colours can be seen in the Plascon 2015 Colour Forecast booklet available at your Plascon retailer.

What influenced the 2015 colour palette?
The 2015 Colour forecast was put together in conjunction with Global Colour Research London.  These colours and trends have been identified popping up in fashion, new product design and decor and are influenced by events like the soccer world cup and the Olympics, bringing focus to Brazil and the rain forests, movies and the general mood of society.