All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It also makes Team DECO want to yawn a big yawn, and go to sleep. This is why we occasionally  have to slip away from the hum of day-to-day admin, to make, invent and explore other kinds of crafty business. The Christmas tree below, for instance, is now up on stylist Hendrik Coetzee’s wall. Simply hammer in a few nails, in roughly the shape of a fir tree, drape fairy lights and metallic string and switch it on. One more pine tree sapling saved. (Don’t want to hammer nails into your plaster? That’s okay. Use washi tape or colourful duct tape instead.)

If that looks easy peasy Japanesy, this is even simpler. Inge van der Merwe, our online designer, is doing trees using discarded wallpaper from our props box, and spray paint. Get inventive with washi tape and use contrasting colours to tape your wallpaper trees to the wall. Our Ed has fallen in love with these trees.

For more festive fun, look for ideas to use candles creatively on P90 of our new Summer Issue, No. 87. Then see how Hendrik transforms fast food take-away containers with crafty cross-stich graphics – on P81. On P62, find out how to use old biscuit tins and other time-worn canisters to assemble a salvage style tree.

Top image by photographer Johan Wilke