Amapondo by Christopher RImmer header
Amapondo 3 & Amapondo 16 by Christopher Rimmer

It has been a while since DECO has been this excited about an exhibition – perfect timing the winter chill creeps in. Prepare to get inspired as much-acclaimed photographer, Christopher Rimmer, showcases his latest exhibition AMAPONDO at the Jan Royce Gallery in Cape Town.

We have been following Christoper Rimmer and his impressive international presence since his Spirits Speak exhibition in 2012; following the deep-rooted African thread he went on to exhibit equally moving Sign of Life in 2013. Rimmer’s  latest work, AMAPONDO, is quite literally mesmerising.

Amapondo 13 by Christopher Rimmer

At first glance the images of the cows on the beach catch your eye as a generally beautiful image. In both composition and colour they meet all the requirements for a pleasant viewing experience… then you look deeper into what you are actually seeing.

Cows on a beach are not a common site for most people, even for those growing up in Africa. In India and the Transkei of course, but a cow in its most common place is found on a farm, let alone below breathtaking skies, crashing waves and horizons that trail off for miles. You can almost smell the sea breeze and feel the water on your toes – what else can this evoke but a feeling of pure joy?

If there is one thing you do before 27 June, we recommend you make an effort to get to this refreshing and captivating exhibition.


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