Images: Diamond Table By Arik Levy | Lisa Jarvis Diamond Mirrors | Wallpaper 013 from Keik Amsterdam

Who doesn’t love diamonds? In our latest Fashion Issue91 we identify ways in which fashion and decor intertwine, and the ways in which similar trends emerge in both. We looked at how four trends in particular manifest on both the catwalk and on the couch. One of the trends, Black Diamond, shows how in a myriad of shapes and with a touch of drama, opulence is making a comeback.

We also feature the Victorian house of artist Kurt Pio, and show you a selection of his incredible art, including a spellbinding painting of a diamond. It seems appropriate to look at ways in which diamonds, and diamond and prism shapes, are being used in interior decor.

Image: Kurt Pio
Images: Ilala palm basket by Design Afrika | 'Rough Diamond' textile cushion by Skinny laMinx | Faceted mirror from Jake Phipps
Images: Tokujin Yoshioka | Tokujin Yoshioka for Kartell
Images: Kim Høltermand

An extremely hard, highly refractive crystalline form of carbon that is usually colorless, diamonds are incredibly valuable and pricey, and rich in symbolic power. When diamond shapes and characteristics are used in the home, they instantly usher in an air of luxury and intrigue. The achieved effect simultaneously feels like old-world glamour and cutting-edge modernity.

Images: Concorde Wall Mount CD Rack by Holly & Martin | Alexandra von Furstenberg prism and crystal-inspired furniture and accessories.
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Images: Neamhouse

We welcome the return of glamour with open arms! To find out more ways in which you can dress your home exquisitely, get your copy of our latest issue91.