In our Country Issue #90,we met Sharon Trickett and her eight dogs.Her gorgeous hounds inspired us to take a look at some of the interesting ways that dog lovers everywhere can create homes for their pets.

Japanese graphic designer Kenya Hara coordinated the ‘Architecture for Dogs’ project late last year,calling architects and designers to create simple DIY doghouses for small dog breeds that enjoy being indoors.

13 different designer doghouses were produced,each considering the physical characteristics, moods and health concerns of the specific breeds.

Tokyo based firm Atelier Bow Wow’s design for the Daschhund accommodates the dog’s short legs by using a ramp system that allows it to meet it’s owner’s eyes. The structure is also large enough for a person to lie down on.

Torafu Architects observed that the Jack Russell Terrier is seems happiest when surrounded by the smell and fabric of it’s owner’s clothes and responded by creating a hammock that can be put together using a simple wooden frame and a piece of old clothing.

The traditional dog kennel underwent a re-design when MVRDV was asked to create a home for a beagle. The gentle curve makes the kennel much more elegant while simultaneously encouraging the beagle’s playful nature.

Kengo Kuma's 'Pug Mountain' and Kazuyo Sejima's 'Architecture for Bichon Frise'
Kengo Kuma's 'Pug Mountain' and Kazuyo Sejima's 'Architecture for Bichon Frise'
The 'Papier Papillion' by Shigeru Ban and Sou Fujimoto's 'No DOG. NO LIFE!'
Kenya Hara's 'D-Tunnel' and Reiser + Umemoto's 'Chihuahua Cloud'

Blue prints and instructions for these simple designer doghouses are available, for free, on the ‘Architecture for Dogs’ website. A great DIY project for enthusiastic pet owners!

Compiled by Chisanga Mukuka