The latest exhibition at Iziko National Gallery is titled Ink, Paper, Politics: The Agency of Print as Social Critique and run from the 18 November to the 10 February 2015.

Dominic Thorburn_Break the Silence

The exhibition explores the the graphic and serial nature of printmaking which has, over the course of its complex evolution as a medium of art production, regularly lent itself to radical social and political commentary. The exhibition brings together a diverse cross-section of etchings, relief prints, lithographs and screen-prints from the South African National Gallery’s permanent gallery.

Gavin Younge Home Truths I

Whether reportorial, satirical or more reflective in nature, all bear critical witness to the social and political conditions of the artist’s experience. Historical prints by Francisco de Goya, Georges Rouault and Käthe Kollwitz are presented in dialogue with the more recent social commentators – including works by artists such as Gavin Jantjes, Tommy Motswai, Nhlanhla Ben Nsusha and Diane Victor.

Gerrit Hillhorst

It is no coincidence that the vocabulary of printmaking techniques – the “acid” and “bite” in an etching, the “cut” in a woodblock – is also the language of attack. Ralph Shikes, in The Indignant Eye, 1976

Norman CatherineDiane Victor_From the Disasters of Peace series 3 Robert Hodgins

Images courtesy of Iziko South African National Gallery / presented by the Friends of the South African National Gallery