Having opened its doors a few years ago, Saucisse Deli has established itself as a Woodstock stalwart. This artisanal deli is run and owned by Amanda Lewis who DECO caught up with and found out the inspiration behind Saucisse, what’s on offer and found out how to make Balsamic Reduction.

deli window

What was the inspiration for your deli?
My travels in Europe and the Mediterranean inspired me to open Saucisse. I visited many charming hands-on, family-run boulangeries and charcuteries, which play a pivotal role in the everyday lives of people particularly in France and Italy. It has provided me an open-minded approach, not only in terms of flavours and products, but also in the way we run Saucisse by giving customers the option to choose and build their own meals, with our expert guidance.

Because we are situated in the heart of Woodstock we have a constant flow of tourists and locals looking for great food throughout the year.

Where did the name come from?
After spending five months on yacht Osprey in Italy, sharing living quarters with a French woman who would not stop taking about her love of eating saucisse, which is the French word for ‘little sausage.’ I arrived back to South Africa and the word just seemed to stick in my head. Artisan charcuterie was not on the hip and happening scene in 2010 so the word saucisse wasn’t very well known. Now days we have daily requests for Saucisson, for example.

What is your most popular sandwich?
We come up with Daily Sandwich specials but I think by far the most popular would be crispy ciabatta, sundried tomato pesto, salami Napoli, chili brie, red onions and rocket.

You source locally only?
We have a very strict purchasing policy. We only stock and support small local suppliers.


Care to share a secret recipe?
Saucisse’s Famous Balsamic reduction

500ml Balsamic Vinegar
250ml brown sugar
Salt and black pepper.

Reduce all the ingredients in a large saucepan until you have reached the correct consistency.

Top Tip: Always test your reductions consistency on a cold surface. It will give you a perfect idea of how the sauce will be once cooled.