Angie, Chad, Barry and Nic

A tranquil wood cabin in the Scandinavian wild. Add the sound of taxis hooting and the trendy vibe of Braamfontein and you get Father Coffee, the latest addition to Joburg’s growing coffee scene.

‘Father’ is the brainchild of Angie, Chad, Barry and Nic, four friends who share a passion for coffee and beautiful spaces. Through their roastery and espresso bar, they have set out to provide an alternative take on coffee drinking, something that is suggested by the interesting choice of name; ‘the title implies an education, an authority’.

Father’s herringbone wooden paneling

Aware of the fact that coffee is a daily part of many people’s routines, the guys at Father Coffee believe that well brewed, good tasting coffee should be easy to get your hands on. According to Chad, rich and strong coffee isn’t necessarily bitter and their in-house blend comprises of a ‘sweet, and almost fruity flavour’, one with a smooth finish that doesn’t leave the bitter lingering taste that most coffee drinkers are familiar with. Customers can enjoy a cup of this blend and even take home ground or whole beans that are roasted on site.

Simplicity and minimalism dominates the space, right down to the smallest details

These fruity cups of coffee are served in a neat, bold and minimalist space that was inspired by the idea of a Scandinavian wood cabin. Relating to the paternal theme, the space was intended to come off as ‘authoritative and unapologetic’ while simultaneously being warm. Conceptualised by Angie, the entire space is decked out with wooden panels in a herringbone pattern and complemented with an understated colour scheme. The idea behind this minimalist approach is to create a calm and relaxing environment.

The Father logo as designed by Nicholas Christowitz

The ‘Father’ logo was designed by Nicholas Christowitz, who wanted to create a visual image as memorable as the name. He juxtaposed thin and thick lines to make a logo that seems a bit awkward, but causes you to look at it a little while longer.

The nostalgic wrappers bring a personal touch to the coffee shop

Angie and Nic also designed one of the roastery’s unique features; wrappers that incorporate the herringbone pattern with images of their fathers in their younger days.

Although it has only been open for a few weeks, this coffee shop has already generated some hype, becoming one of Braamfontein’s hotspots. We’ll definitely be popping in next time we’re in Joburg!

Visit Father at 73 Juta St. Braamfontein, Johannesburg


Phone: 082 513 4258

Twitter: @fathercoffee

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Written by Chisanga Mukuka and Kirstie Rae Samson