4C is a pop-up soup restaurant that will be up and running until 14 August 2013 in Cape Town.

Everybody knows that Cape Town is full of intrigue; things to do, people to meet, places to go, food to taste and music to listen to. It can be quite exhausting actually, but at the very same time, one is always looking for something new and exciting. THIS IS IT! This pop-up  goes above and beyond it all. Hello Soup Apartment. We think you are rad!

Watch this beautiful video of their opening night here:

4C soup-apartment from vida schiff on Vimeo.

4C soup-apartment from vida schiff on Vimeo.

The evening begins at 7 pm when guests enter and settle in, arranging their eating environment according to their own preference beneath a faceted canopy of timber and plants. In this way each dining experience is unique. Then, a wholesome 3-course meal is served while guests mingle with one another.

4C was conceptualised by Vida Schiff:

“I wanted to create a space where people were able to come together, feel safe, interact and have an experience during the two main winter months. After realizing I already had the perfect space, I could simply build from there. The reality of engaging with a ‘pop-up’ means that everything must be simplified, yet still have room to play. It is a taste of reality, where one is able to explore the chosen field, do the best you can, rapidly learn, grow, and then its over.”

 The interior space of 4C was designed by architect  Stephen Hitchcock

“The initial inspiration for the pop-up space was to chop off the top of Lion’s Head and rearrange it within the existing structure. I wanted to channel the feeling of camaraderie one feels when sharing a drink of water in amongst the boulders on a hike up the mountain.

 Obviously this was going to be a bit difficult, so something needed to be designed that could simulate this feeling… whilst also creating a place where one can feel sheltered and secure.This is where the shards come in. These ‘fractions of mountains’ burst out of the floor and gently come to rest on each other’s shoulders. They are the anchors that create the grid and guidelines, they are the rigidity that facilitate freedom and allow the rest of the elements to be flexible. By breaking down the traditional implied ownership of a restaurant table into smaller and rearrange-able elements, it is up to the patron to create his/her own eating environment.  Each person has to adapt and rearrange the existing landscape to inevitably create a unique dining experience. Due to this spatial negotiation, social interaction between guests is encouraged. More friends are made with every bowl of soup served.”

Every sitting is individually planned and prepared and begins at 4am with the team visiting the Cape Town Market  to  collect all the fresh ingredients needed.

4C is open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night.

To book, visit www.soup-apartment.com

For any other queries contact Vida Schiff  | 0827774632


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5 Buiten Street,



Twitter: @4C_soup