The Arkenstone

DECO struck gold when we found The Arkenstone fine minerals gallery online during our research for the Fashion Issue’s opener pages. The Arkenstone is one of the world’s premier fine mineral dealers selling natural crystals, gemstones, and natural art.

With galleries in Dallas and Shanghai, they are focused on promoting natural works of art and encouraging an appreciation of earth’s treasures. The Arkenstone prides themelves on teaching, educating, and curating private and institutional collections.

Monica Kitt of The Arkenstone shared some fascinating information on these pieces that bedazzled our opener pages…

Pink Rhodonite



Rhodonite from the Chiurucu Mine in Huallanca, Peru, is deservedly famous, and the specimens are highly desirable when found with good colour and sharp crystals. Rarely are pieces found in such good condition since these crystals are quite fragile and breakable, and noticeable damage can impact the price of fine minerals dramatically. Getting these specimens out from deep in the earth requires artisanal mining efforts to preserve these natural treasures.



Bright Dioptase crystals from Namibia are prized for deep colour and sharp shapes. The mineral gets its colouring from minor amounts of copper, which produce the stunning blue green hues. Dioptase is fragile and easily damaged; excessive care is required to get these to market. This comes from the most famous location of Dioptase, the Tsumeb mine in Namibia. This mine produces over 200 different species of minerals.



Pyrite, more commonly known as Fool’s Gold, is often to thank for gold flecks you might see in creeks and streams. Under the right geological conditions, pyrite forms in beautiful, unique clusters with natural defined crystal shapes. The piece featured in ELLE Decoration is from Peru’s Huanzala Mine, a bit north of Lima. Generally, Peruvian pyrites form in conglomerations of crystals, but the shape of pyrite can vary greatly, proven by the sharp cubes found in Spain or the dusting of pyrite ‘glitter’ on calcites from China.


DECO encourages you to check  out The Arkenstone online galleries below but be forewarned… these treasures will have you browsing for hours and you may just find yourself becoming a collector.

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