This just made our day! We have discovered the work of Raw Color, an Eindhoven based studio experimenting with materials and colours by mixing the fields of graphic design, textiles and photography. Daniera ter Haar & Christoph Brach work on self initiated and commissioned projects -they really are creating some magic work.


The Index Collection is series of tea towels and blankets that index colour through the technique of weaving. The collection consists of 3 different colour series, which each follow the same process; from monotone, through duotone, to multitone.

Tinctorial Textiles is an exploration of natural pigments. 13 panels of semi translucent wool overlap with other each other to create colour blends.

The term tinctorial relates to the processes of dyeing or coloring. The dyes used in this project were derived from three plants, madder root –  ‘Rubia tinctorum’ for the reddish hues, woad – ‘Isatis tinctoria’ for the blueish hues and reseda – ‘Reseda luteola’ for the yellowish hues. The dyes are applied in different concentrations to achieve different levels of saturation. New shades are created by over-dyeing the fabric with two agents resulting in greens, purples and oranges.

The project was commissioned by interior designers Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe for the renewed spaces of the ABN Amro bank office in Eindhoven.

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