Looking to create a bold, focal point in the bedroom? The headboard is a great place to start. If there is any room in your home that truly reflects your taste and personality, chances are it’s the bedroom. So it makes perfect sense that you would want it to look and feel a certain way.

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There are countless options available to create simple yet effective headboards, it doesn’t always have to be upholstered or built.

Your favourite photograph, print or piece of artwork would also make a great headboard. Simply chose an image that matches your decor or colour scheme, blow it up to the most suitable size and place it behind your bed. You can also add a border or frame to the image to make it more prominent. A great source for images is the Rijks Museum’s Rijks Studio, which allows you to freely access high-res images of 125,000 masterpieces.

While a simple large format print-out will work perfectly, you could also have your image printed on canvas for some texture, or even directly onto wood. If you can’t decide on one single image or pattern, another option could be to tile a number of images, connected either by a theme or colour scheme, and use this as a backdrop for your bed.

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These simple but effective decor ideas will help you add just a bit more style to your bedroom. To get all your printing done, whether its photographic, on canvas or on wood,  have a look at some of the services that Graphic Laminates offer.

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Compiled by Chisanga Mukuka (Chisanga_Mk)