Having rounded up some of the best coffee machines around in our Country Issue, we took a look around to see if there were any ways to turn regular cups of coffee into a ‘green’ habit. Here are few suggestions for re-using  and re-purposing your coffee beans. 

In your kitchen,  coffee beans can help scrub grease off counter tops, stoves and other appliances, they can be used as they are or mixed with a bit of detergent. Rubbing your hands with coffee beans and rinsing after preparing meals also gets rid of lingering food smells.

Adding a tablespoon of fresh grinds to marinating sauce helps when. If you’re looking to make your own car air-freshener, tie an egg-sized portion of coffee beans in a small piece of thin nylon (old pantyhose will do) and hang from your rear view mirror. 

Caffeine addicts with green fingers will be excited to learn that coffee contains a number of nutrients that contribute to making soil richer. To benefit from this, water your plants with a mix 1/8 of coffee grinds with 1/8 of cold water.

Coffee can also become part of your beauty routine. Cool a strong cup of coffee and use it to rinse clean, dry hair. Leave in for 30 minutes before rinsing to give hair added shine, this however is not suitable for blonde or grey hair. For a simple exfoliating paste, perfect for hands and feet, add a bit of olive and essential oil to a spoon of coffee grinds.