This salad platter of radicchio, fresh cherries, beautiful beetroot and pomegranate with ricotta cheese is sure to grab all the attention on the table.

Red Platter: Bitter and Sweet


  • 200 g ricotta cheese
  • 100 g fresh cherries
  • 2 raw beetroots, washed and thinly sliced
  • 100 g radicchio
  • 100 g calamata olives
  • 100 g pomegranate rubies
  • 125 ml pomegranate syrup
  • pansies to garnish


Place all the ingredients on a large platter and drizzle with pomegranate syrup.
Serve with warm crusty bread.

Production by Maranda Engelbrecht – Photography by Justin Patrick
First Published in the Spring Issue #64.

More salads to follow. Keep your eyes on ELLE DECO Online.

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