The DECO team headed up the West Coast to the tiny seaside town of Paternoster for a spring shoot (and careful bundu-bashing between the fynbos!). We made sure we were done in time for a veldkos lunch at Kobus Van der Merwe‘s eatery Oep ve Koep to investigate his signature veldkos food (and celebrate the birthday of features editor Lin). The veld-fresh feast included bruschetta with preserved quince and feta, citrus and fennel salad, sandveld potato dumplings, calamari bobotie, and slow roast boerbok. Here’s a glimpse of the DECO team’s veldkos feast…

DECO MUST Kobus’s sandveld potato dumplings with farm butter-braised mushrooms, dune spinach, almonds and pine kernels. (A MUST-have!)

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* Photographs by the DECO team