Tanzania header palms
One year ago today, DECO was exploring this tropical paradise | Images: Marushka Stipinovic

One year ago today, two very excited DECO team members went to Zanzibar in search of adventure and a Travel story for the 2014 Summer issue. Palm tree lined beaches, the warm indian ocean, ice cold Kilamanjaro beers and friendly locals (Karibu!) welcomed us to this tropical paradise.

In amongst the multitude of exotic people and places we discovered and ultimately put to print in Summer Issue #99, there was one common sight we noticed on a day-to-day basis on the streets – intricately woven palm-leaf carry bags hanging from bicycle handle-bars.

A common sight in Zanzibar: woven palm leaf carry bags hanging from handlebars

A very special place DECO stayed was The Palms Zanzibar. Here on Bwejuu Paje Beach, guests can learn palm weaving to make their own souvenirs to take home once the sun sets on the paradise vacation. Amé showed us how the locals weave the carry bags which are surprisingly strong and can carry quite a weight.

After chaotic days of hustling through the streets of Stonetown, trying to capture every moment possible for our Travel feature, it was a highlight of the trip to sit down and take it ‘POLE POLE’ (‘slowly slowly’), watching a master weaver at work.

Palm weaving 2
Amé deftly weaves palm leaf carry bags on Bwejuu Paje beach | Photographs: Marushka Stipinovich


Be sure to visit The Palms while in Zanzibar located on Bwejuu Paje Beach: thezanzibarcollection.com

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