Photograph: Jessie Bell | Styling: Sanri Pienaar

Herbs are as ancient as they are modern, their powerful presence are evident in a variety of practices. Commonly associates with food, herbs also plays a dominant role in other products such as medicine and perfume. Let’s get our herbage on!

In our #IdeasIssue we celebrate herbs and all they have to offer with an easy guide to planting them indoors. Enjoy lush herbage!

DECO GROW | Elle Decoration SA

Herbs deserve to be used much more liberally

Yotam Ottolenghi

DECO GROW | Elle Decoration SA
Photograph: Jessie Bell | Styling: Sanri Pienaar

DECO GROW | Elle Decoration SA


Herbs thrive in sunny areas make sure they get 4 hours of direct sunshine daily.


Herbs require an efficient drainage system, especially during winter time, if you are having problems with your drainage systems you can improve it by adding sharp sand and/or perlite to sterilised compost-based mix. Try and keep soil at a pH level of 6 or 7 in order for herbs to flourish.


Fertilise herbs once a week with a liquid fertiliser or fish emulsion. Only do so when herbs are actively growing, hold off when dormant.


Stick to watering herbs less often but more thoroughly, you can stop when water runs out of the bottom. A good rule to stay with is to only water herbs when the soil is dry to the touch.


Herbs are susceptible to common pests to prevent this inspect herbs regularly and spray with insecticidal soap if pest are detected do so once or twice a week for three to four weeks.


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