Images: Design Sponge & Honey Bear Lane
Images: Werner Aisslingler & Moroso, as seen at Milan Furniture Fair 2013

Ombré, French for “shaded”, is here to stay. At this year’s Milan Furniture Fair we saw designers such as Werner Aisslingler embracing the trend.

Paint it, eat it or wear it, we don’t mind, but get with it. Whether it’s a monochromatic gradient of a bold hue shifting from light to dark, or perhaps a rainbow of softer colours; we love these experiments in colour and  variations in lightness and saturation. It is something about the way boundaries are blurred, and the subtlety with which the shades mix, not to mention the glowing quality. These characteristics all combine to make Ombré perfectly suited for many design features; textiles, walls, furniture and even lighting. Used in an interior space it lends a sense of spaciousness as well as exuberance, especially when the tones range from dark at the floor to light at the ceiling.

Images: Wit and Delight, Mag Interiors, The Design Tabloid & Westelm


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Post by Megan Aitken