As the hardworking, living heart of the home, the kitchen is a functional space and is constantly adapting to suit our needs, cooking practices and lifestyle choices. In the latest Ideas Issue DECO presents a special report on the latest trends, design ideas, accessories and expert opinions. Proving that kitchens can be as captivating as any other room in your home… 

Whether your kitchen is black, white or a mix of natural colours, it should be a welcoming and attractive space with brilliant textures, warmth and light. Take the dynamic approach by mixing industrial concrete with raw wood, brass accents against durable marble or balance inky hues with brushed steel appliances and wooden cabinetry. The options are endless when it comes to the look and feel of your cooking hub.

Customised black, modular kitchen by


  • Use your space economically to keep your kitchen uncluttered and organised.
  • Stainless steel is a great choice for its professional air, easy maintenance and enduring elegance.
  • If you’re strapped for storage space, why not make a display out of your glossy, useful items.
  • A high-tech, innovative kitchen faucet is a simple upgrade that offers great convenience.
  • Get back to the basics with pared down, high quality utensils. Stock your kitchen with tools that will last.
  • Try a ready-made wall-mountable unit for a stylish storage solution, DECO recommends James Mudge.

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Get your reading on with Mick de Giulio’s latest book KITCHEN.

You should be able to draw a triangle between the stove, fridge and sink — the main work centres. When these three elements are in this configuration, the kitchen space is easier to use, cutting out wasted steps.


Philip Richards, brand director of

1. Top tip for ensuring your kitchen is designed and operates sustainably?

Ensure every task is catered for in the kitchen as the kitchen needs to cater for various users performing various tasks. Functionality needs to be considered and focused on to ensure an easy workflow, that every item has its place and that overall a calm environment is created.

2. What is your top flooring solution for kitchens?

At the moment, concrete is very popular and practical but mainly because of the seamless look it brings.

 3. Lighting: what do you need to consider in the kitchen? 

Consider Task lighting then ambient lighting and finally feature lighting to ensure an atmosphere that is both practical while at the same time inviting.

A display of well-worn cookbooks, a wooden cutting board or prized ceramics can make a kitchen feel inviting and considered.

kitchen (Shades series designed by Anne Jørgensen)


In the latest #IdeasIssue of ELLE Decoration, we share our favourite decor experts who should be on your speed dial as well as ultimate tips to create a functional and realistic work space.