Grapple, an exciting new concept from internationally recognised SA born designer Ryan Frank and the Tapegear design team, has created a way to recycle grass clippings,  transforming them into completely renewable, natural plastic storage hooks.

Perfect for hanging clothes, hats, shoes, potted plants, lighting and anything else that may need storing, Grapple hooks are made by combining grass cuttings with recycled plastic, a technique developed by German bio-refinery Biowert. The design of the actual hook is inspired by old industrial crane hooks and is completed by a system made up of natural jute webbing and small bio-polymer buckles. Users can add as many hooks as they want to the length of webbing.

Available in four different colours, the hooks have a faint meadow scent, hold up to 10kg and can be attached wall hooks, beams and other pieces of furniture.

In order to raise the capital needed to launch the product, Tapegear have started a Kickstarter campaign in which the public can pledge donations to the company and in return become one of the very first people to own this innovative ‘green’ storage system. The campaign intends to raise £20, 000 by the 30th of June and donations from as little as £1 are accepted.

This most certainly gets our vote! To contribute to this design and eco-conscious project, visit here