DECO just got back from a fabulous little road trip into Elgin, where we were invited to have a look at the new Charly’s Bakery Airstream Trailer. Old Mac Daddy owner, Jody Aufrichtig asked the cupcake queens Jacqui Biess and her daughter Alexandra from Charly’s Bakery to revamp two of Old Mac Daddy’s trailers and they ‘pounced on the opportunity,’ enthuses Jacqui, ‘after all, what is cake decorating but design-by-sugar.’

The lovely mother-daughter team collaborated with a whole bunch of very talented people, with their friend, Carin Cronje of Vanilla Concrete, at the helm as production manager. Carin also created the Captain Cupcake sculptures and the rabbit wall feature…we just loved the clever ways in which she also used vintage cake tins and whisks and other baking paraphernalia and turned them into lights and other fun decorative elements in the trailer.

There is a Mama-trailer and baby trailer, placed side by side they tell a story about the sugary world of cake. Named Love Cake?…I Do and Love Cake?…Me too!, the lakeside trailers now make up the only double unit in the Old Mac rooming options. Perfect for couples who are travelling in tandem and ideal for parents with children old enough to sleep in a separate space, the pair share a lawn and deck for added privacy away from the action of the pool and restaurant areas

Love Cake..? I Do smashes steampunk and sugar together, which results in a bold space, full of intriguing details.

The liquorice black trimmings of recycled rubber curtains by Roche van den Berg and the pressed ceiling wallpaper by Robin Sprong.Lauren Fowler, graphic designer, illustrator and thing maker did the cross-stitch detail on blankets and cushions.

Katie Thompson from Recreate, custom-made a printers tray table which displays vintage cake collectables and piping nozzles.


In Love Cake..? Me too! One feels like you are entering into a cake box. Mak1one graffitied a signature Charly’s rainbow flowing from a birthday candle pulpit, and the the bright pink and white signature stripes of Charly’s cake boxes fly across the ceiling. The bed is home to gingerbread men and allsorts characters.

The creating of the Love Cake trailers spans two full episodes of season two Charly’s Cake Angels, a docu-reality television series produced by Cooked in Africa Films which provides an intimate view of life behind-the-scenes of Charly’s Bakery, a family owned and operated bakery nestled in the heart of Cape Town’s Fringe district.

Image credits: Gareth Hubbard

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