With its warm glow and rich, rosy metallic sheen, it is no wonder that the copper trend keeps on reinventing itself. In our Fashion Issue91, we look at the ways in which copper in the home is taking its cue from the catwalk, and vice versa.

Tom Dixon has become synonymous with copper in the design world. We cannot wait to get our hands on a copy of his new Comprehensive Dixonary, a guide to everything you’ll ever need to know about his illustrious career.

The very first compilation of his work, The Comprehensive Dixonary includes Dixon’s most creative designs and offers the reader two different ways of experiencing them – read front-to-back, it is an alphabetical catalogue of his work while reading it backwards presents the designer’s many unique and sometimes curious inspirations such as an overfed pig that becomes a sofa or the fishpan which was transformed into a chair.

This self-taught product designer first popped up during the eighties with a range of welded salvaged furniture. His innovative works have been in some of the world’s top museums, earned him an OBE in 2001 as well as the title of Architektur and Wohnen magazine’s 2008 Designer of the Year.

Images: Tom Dixon Etch Pendant
Images: Cell Tall Pendant

Our editor Laureen Rossouw recently got back from London; one of the very first things she reported back on was her fabulous meal at The Dock Kitchen, designed by Tom Dixon.

Situated in a converted Victorian Wharf building, The Dock Kitchen overlooks the Grand Union Canal in West London. The original brick arches and beamed ceilings have been preserved and combined with a display of the full Tom Dixon collection of furniture and lighting. The Tom Dixon shop is directly beneath the restaurant, with pieces from over a dozen international designers.

Stevie runs an experimental kitchen always adapting the menu and trying new things depending on what is in season, what far flung place he or another of the chefs have visited, or what new ingredient they have come across abroad or at home. Dishes are collected, adapted, and recreated Dock Kitchen-style. In the evenings we run a fixed, shared meal alongside our regular a la carte offering. The focus for this meal might be a specific place, a particular ingredient or just an idea that inspires us to cook exciting things. We don’t spend months practising dishes before putting them on our menu. Instead we like to be spontaneous and react to what our carefully chosen suppliers are able to give us.” 

From The Dock Kitchen Website

For more from the world of Tom Dixon, visit www.tomdixon.net