In the Fashion Issue91, we’ve given you food with a touch of Chanel couture in our Catwalk Cuisine section. Inspired and eager for more, we did some research and gathered a few notable fashion and food collaborations  for your eyes to feast on! These look good enough to eat and stylish enough for a strut down the runway.

‘Hunger Pains’

Forget ‘you are what you eat’,’you wear what you crave’ seems to be the more appropriate line for editorial photographer Ted Sabarese’s portrait series ‘Hunger Pains’. Interested in the relationship between people and the food that they eat, Sabarese photographed models in custom-designed garments made out of food that the wearer was craving.


‘A Matter of Taste’

In ‘A Matter of Taste’, the award winning photographer Fulvio Bonavia compiles delectable images of jewelery, handbags, shoes and accessories made out of items more accustomed to sitting on plates than hanging in wardrobes. Bonavia’s intent was to use the images and resulting book as a way of enabling people see the everyday in a new light.

So what do we say to design that tickles your tastebuds and taunts your inner fashionista? Yes please!

The Edible Project

While the previous projects are more of a visual treat, we did come across a number of interesting edible design pieces; functional items that also double as snacks!

Created by Diane Leclair Bisson of ‘The Edible Project’ and food designer Vito Gionatan Lassandro, the ‘Food Nests’ form part of an initiative called ‘Taste No Waste’ which looks into designing food containers that make waste-free consumption possible. The series of ‘nests’ use tomato as the main food ingredient and include crunchy, soft and jelly-like textures.

Also part of the project are translucent bowls made of fruit and vegetable ingredients and food-grade silicone. The bowls are able to hold solid foods, hot and cold liquids and have the added bonus of coming in colour and flavour profiles that make them perfect for food pairing.

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Compiled by Chisanga Mukuka