Ten days brimming with the best design ideas the Mother City has to offer are just a few weeks away!

Open Design Cape Town, an initiative of the Cape Craft and Design Institute, the Cape Town Design Network, the Western Cape Furniture Initiative and the City of Cape Town, will be officially launched this August and with it the opportunity to spread design orientated thinking.

The festival will see innovators, thinkers, educators and change makers coming together through events to share their design ideas and raise awareness about the immense potential of design thinking.

“By sharing design we invite the whole of Cape town to take pride and take part in an industry that not only builds our economy but also transforms lives”

Echoing the main idea behind Open Design, the theme ‘Design is for Sharing’ has been chosen and members of the public, regardless of their field, are encouraged to take part and share their ideas. This can be done in virtually any way imaginable; from open studio cocktail parties to film nights and free lectures, all that matters is that each session is empowering and inspiring to the attendants.

City Hall will be the main hub for the festival, hosting key events such as the ‘Design for All’  exhibition and the ‘One Stop Design Shop’, while the rest of the city will be activated by the numerous ideas and events planned by the organisers and members of the public. With a mixture of free and ticketed events, Open Design promises to be a great meeting of creative minds with something for everyone.

For more information on the programme or to submit your own event, visit the Open Design Cape Town website, join the conversation on twitter or ‘Like’ the Facebook page.