A plethora of choices exist for curating your exterior spaces. From wallpapers to internationally designed tiles, your surface options are endless and are sure to keep your toes on the right side of the threshold.


1 & 2| Small blue and blue/white tile, R15 each, both Morrocan Warehouse 3| Pool Mosaics, in Dark Blue, R74 per sheet, Douglas Jones 4 & 5| Handmade artisanal porcelain postcard sized feature tiles for walls and floors,R200/tile, John Bauer 6| Pool Mosaics, in Blue Pereybere, R103/sheet, Douglas Jones 7| Blue/white tile, R950/sqm, Morrocan Warehouse 8| Pool Mosaics, in Blue Pereybere, R103/sheet, Douglas Jones 9| Handmade artisanal raised pyramid mosaic wall tiles R20/tile, John Bauer 10| Subway in Azul Craquelle, R17/tile, Douglas Jones 11| “The Bird Cage Series”, Ceramic Tile, from R950/tile by Lucie De Moyencourt,  available from Chandler House


1| Carrara Herringbone, Ceramic, R217/sheet, Douglas Jones 2| PoolCrete (marbelite) is an integrally reinforced, waterproof, coloured cement-based concrete mixture for use in the pool, in white, and charcoal, for enquires contact Cemcrete 3| Lantern in black, R108 /sheet, Douglas Jones 4| Nero, Arctic White,  Calacatta ,  and Basalt Black  all 6mm, sintered compact surface, in 6mm, wall cladding ranging from, R3500/sqm, from Neolith 5| Shape Shifters,  ceramic, in Japan white gloss, R 1368 /sqm, Douglas Jones 6| Standard Charcoal, R120/tile, Shawtec 7| Luxor,  Ancient Blends, Natural Stone, R279/sheet , Douglas Jones 8| Beveled Glass Metro Black , R410/sqm and White, R355/sqm both,  Florestore on Trend 9| New Rustenberg Antique Granite, R768/sqm, and New Sardo Flamed Granite, R576/sqm,  both  Florstore onTrend 10| Small grey tile R15/tile, Morrocan Warehouse,  and Allegro , R762/sqm Florstore OnTrend 11| Handmade artisanal matchbox sized mosaic wall and floor tiles, R100/tile, John Bauer 12| Luxor,  Ancient Blends, Natural Stone, R279/sheet , Douglas Jones 13| Afro Chic Hexagons, designed by Gillian Greer, POR, Southern Art Ceramics 14| Hexagon (black & white), R950/sqm,  Morrocan Warehouse 15| Via Latte , Granite, 30mm, R 5700 /sqm,  Florstore OnTrend



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