We have had such fun setting up our #DesignIndaba stand.

The concept is an African styled photobooth, where visitors are encouraged to take a #DecoSelfie. There are ‘props’ available from Babatunde, Pichulik and Pedro Sunglasses.

We have taken the trend pattern on patten on pattern VERY seriously. The stand is a cacophony of riotous colour, pattern and texture with accents of Nguni hide, lots of flamingo pink and cerulean blue.



Shelves from Pedersen & Lennard | Copper Table and Nguni Chairs from Miyabi | Wallpaper design by Renee Rossouw available through Robin Sprong


Taking our cue from our latest Trends Issue 94 (which available at half price on the stand!) we incorporated many of the trends we forecasted for 2014. The result, even if we say so ourselves, STUNNING.


Necklaces from Pichulik, hats and umbrella from Babatunde, sunglasses from Pedro Sunglasses and hat stand from Jasper Eales.


Chair from Vogel Designs, turquoise and cream plastic rug and green basket from Heartworks. Wallpaper design by Renee Rossouw available from Robin Sprong.


How extraordinary is this copper table and these Nguni chairs from Miyabi? We are obsessed! We are very impressed with Sandalene’s work and are chuff to be showcasing her brand-new copper table for the very first time.


So come and visit us! We would love to meet you and take your picture so we can put it on our website.

Be sure to include the hash tag #DecoSelfie so that we can see any pics you take.


Little Black Book:

Babtunde: Hats, and umbrella.
http://www.babatunde.co.za  | #Babatunde | @babatundestylin 
Pedro Eyewear: Sunglasses
 Jasper Eales: Hat stand
http://jasperealesoriginal.com | @jaspereales | #jaspereales
Kath Pichulik: Necklaces
Heart Works:  Green basket and plastic rug
Shops at Gardens Centre and The Biscuit Mill
 Robin Sprong: Wallpaper
http://www.robinsprong.com | @agentsprong | #RobinSprong
 Liqorice WallPaper Design by Renee Rossouw:
 Miyabi:  Copper chairs and tables
http://www.miyabi.co.za | sandalene@gmail.com
 Vogel Design: Chair at Photo Booth
 Pedersen & Lennard : Shelves
http://pedersenlennard.co.za | @PedersenLennard