Faye Toogood
Designer Faye Toogood is making waves with a new pop-up Retail concept | Images: fayetoogood.com

Faye Toogood is an exceptional British product designer, whose uniqueness lies in the tension between her experimental methods and the qualities of the materials she uses. Pushing both to new levels. DECO takes a closer look at her irregular style.

All Faye Toogood’s pieces are handmade by small-scale manufactures and artisans, who approach the chosen material with an understanding of its rawness and irregularity. Her highly sculptural work comes from pure self-expression and instinct with a deep appreciation for the past. She groups objects into her trademark numbered ‘Assemblages’ where she engages not only with the products but also the space they will occupy.

Elle Decoration SA

Elle Decoration SA

Roly Poly: Assemblage No 4.
Faye Toogood’s fourth collection embraces a world of soft lines and childlike rounded edges, an aesthetic that stands in direct contrast to the aggressive, post-industrial feel of her previous collection.


Elle Decoration SA

Natura Morta: Assemblage No 2.
The second collection of furniture and objects, exploring the dark side of the natural world, 2011.


Elle Decoration SA

Agender is an installation created for an in-house concept store and radical new retail department in London’s Selfridges department store. Going beyond androgyny, Faye’s work questions the innate expectations of gendered clothing in the 21st century. The space is stripped of traditional merchandising and accompanied by unbranded packaging that breaks down Retail’s artificial divisions.

We can’t wait to see what Faye’s up to next.


Visit Faye Toogood’s website at fayetoogood.com.

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