James Tolich is a Sydney based photographer who started his career in the New Zealand fashion industry contributing design and creative direction to a variety of boutique brands. It was only when he relocated to Sydney that James began focusing his visual talents on photography.



In your own words, describe your work aesthetic and practice?

Calm & Considered

Your studio space is…
I have recently just moved on from a shared studio space in Redfern,Sydney. It served me well, allowing me a place to call ‘work’ everyday and practice & refine my studio skills. Now I have moved on I am focusing more on my personal projects- my workspace/ studio has expanded more into the day to day world around me allowing me to experiment with a whole new ‘work’ space.

Is your personal work and commercial work connected in anyway?
Very much so, I believe the personal work drives my commercial work. I feel as if I am becoming better at balancing the two. As really I need to do both. Commercial – so i can feed my family and Personal so I am always experimenting, learning and most importantly expanding creatively.


Great Aunty Sheila’s Lounge by James Tolich

If you could have any camera in the world you would choose a…
Linhof 4X5 Master Techinka

Who is a major influence on your work?
Influence is forever changing. At the moment I am appreciating the work of Grant Cornett, Jamie Hawkesworth, Scheltens & Abbennes, Charlie Engman And Mark Peckmezian

Who should ELLE Decoration follow on Instagram?
@artsxdesign @C_L_O @rodrigoalmeidadesign @ideabooksltd @somewhereiwouldliketolive


Don’t be fooled into thinking what you do is who your are, and let myself know true success comes from within and if your happy with that it doesn’t matter what you do in this life

ELLE Decoration SA

james tolich
The Art of Lounging. Photography by James Tolich, Styled by Danielle Selig

Most memorable project?
The Art of Lounging

What’s next for you?
I am working on a book project that I hope to bring out late next year and looking at relocating myself to NYC or the UK.


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