Stimulated by the limitation of the human body and inspired by science and costume, artist Luami Calitz fused these elements to create hybrid beings. Mesmerised by her use of delicate detail, shapes come alive through the imitations of hair, feathers and scales that look soft to the touch.

Luamie grew up in Pretoria, before moving to Stellenbosch where she graduated with a BA Fine Arts degree in 2012. Currently living in Cape Town with her sister. She works as a film crew assistant when she’s not making art.

Homolepido IV (Skubbeman) by Luamie Calitz
Homolepido IV (Skubbeman) by Luami Calitz


Luami identifies her work with costume and explains that costumes are hypothetical responses to real and imagined environments hostile to human habitation.

“In costume we are able to adapt quickly, albeit temporarily, to a new environment that is otherwise hostile to us, something that has allowed a species concerned with exploration and colonization to thrive.”


Homolepdio II Skubbeman by Luamie Calitz
Homolepdio II Skubbeman by Luami Calitz

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Compiled by Sanri Pienaar