Photographs Janneke Luursema

The History of a Colour feature in DECO’s #TheGreenIssue #104 showcased a photographic botanical still life of Janneke Luursema, and another of her beautiful works was a very close contender as being the final Cover image. DECO got to know a little more about this Amsterdam based photographer with an eye on botanicals.

Photographs Janneke Luursema
Photographs Janneke Luursema

In your own words describe your site and Instagram account
A visual journey. A place for inspiration and ideas relating to nature in general and the concept of home, with a focus on plants. Nothing spectacular, but a quiet sort of beauty. Many pictures, few words. Notice the ordinary

Nothing spectacular, but a quiet sort of beauty

Photographs Janneke Luursema
Photographs Janneke Luursema

Your studio space is …
a mess, I can hardly walk in there. Props, mostly vintage ceramics, everywhere. Must do something about that because it depresses me. I really enjoy things organized, it brings me peace and gives me space to think.

 Three words or a quote that best describes your work…
quiet | notice the ordinary | botanical

Digital or film?
For practical reasons, digital.

How do you balance commercial work with your own personal work? Are they much intertwined?
All my work is personal, also the commercial images. I cannot separate the two.

Photographs Janneke Luursema
Photographs Janneke Luursema

 If you could have any camera in the world,you’d choose a…
I don’t care much about the technical stuff, the best camera is the one you have with you. I shoot a lot with my phone!

Is the majority of your work inspired by nature?
Definitely. Nothing can beat nature, it’s an endless source of inspiration and happiness to me!

Best advice you’ve ever been given? Stay stubborn.

What are the main positives and negatives of working in an Artistic role?
It can be an overwhelming struggle, but also very fulfilling. I don’t feel I have a choice though, I cannot imagine myself doing anything else.

Top 3 major influences on your work?
Giorgio Morandi | William Eggleston | The Plant (a journal about ordinary plants and other greenery)

Photographs Janneke Luursema
Photographs Janneke Luursema

Who should Elle Decoration be following on instagram?

One of my favorite photographers, notice the color-flow of her feed! Brilliant.

@lachambre_inspirations Curated account, beautiful combinations of images by different artists.

@fjura_ Floral design.

@theobjectenthusiast Ceramics design.

Favorite words to live by?
Enjoy the little things.

Advice you would give your younger self in Art school?
Nothing lasts forever.

What is next for Janneke Luursema?
Ikebana! Keep an eye on my Instagram account! (@still_______ that’s 7x underscore).



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