Sarah Samuel is a force to be reckoned with. A skilled designer, an accomplished writer, an art director, a mom, wife and a well travelled chef, she created a blog to guide her online audience through life in the most tasteful and interesting way.

Taking a peek into quickly turns a 5 minute peek into a full day visit. Divided it into Lifestyle, Travel, Food and DIY, you’ll soon find yourself copying her daily hints for making your home a masterpiece.

She’s the creative director at Greenroom, and works as a freelance designer from her studio where she is the stylist and writer of this useful blog. An interesting woman with a skillful eye, she has done collaborations with clients including Madewell, Target, Gap, J.Crew, Anthropologie, Wayfair, Warby Parker, Land of Nod, Bugaboo, Artifact Uprising, to name a few.
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The great thing about her blog is that she gives hints on everyday living from home improvement, table settings, creating invitations to events and mixing a killer cocktail, or how to simply turn an afternoon lunch go from ordinary to phenomenal. She also shares her travel tips and destinations, replete with anecdotes and a baby picture or two to swoon over.
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Sarah and her husband bought a space together and started building from scratch. No tile, screw or surface was laid for them. They did everything themselves, planning every room according to their taste. She explains how this taught her how to consider every space carefully, which makes her fall in love with each home she tranforms:

Our home is a two-story townhouse that I share with my husband and two pups.  There are two bedrooms on the top floor, one of which I use as my studio, and the bottom floor is one big open space that includes the kitchen, living, and dining areas. Moving from this space will be bitter sweet, as it was the first home my husband and I bought and built together. Things I love and will always miss of any home I’ve been in will always be high ceilings, the wide open spaces and large rooms. – Sarah Samuels
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Her DIY skills gets a high ranking too. Give her a few sticks, dig out some string and a snip from your garden and she’ll create a wall decoration you would’ve paid for with double zero’s. Because she did her entire home herself, she has found ways to make everything with her own two hands.


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