Manipulating the natural properties of cement, Australian company Studio Twocan‘s production method results in colours combined in the most interesting manner to form pieces of art in the shape of a functional, sustainable product.

Studio Twocan is a creative collaboration between sisters Becc and Maddie Sharrock. Honing their different skill sets has given them the freedom to play and forge a truly innovative and unique brand.

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As beautiful as their products their Website & Instagram offers a ever flowing stream of beautiful inspirational images.

An experienced graphic designer, Becc has worked for leading Melbourne design studios. Her ability to be to the point, organised and pragmatic combines harmoniously with Maddie’s conceptual approach, whose passion for her craft stems from her fine art background.

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A variety of products are available on Studio Twocan’s online store. Click here to shop. (Australia only)

Their one of a kind creations are made from cement tinted with different colour pigments. This allows for their organic layering aesthetic inspired by the Australian landscapes. After the the manufacturing process, each product is polished with natural oils giving them a sleek satin finish.

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Textured cement vessels commissioned by Seesaw Studio for Australian restaurant Junction Moama. Photography by Andrew Johnson

Every Studio Twocan piece is individually handcrafted with care and precision. The result can be seen in our sophisticated artworks and functional objects that will last a lifetime.

DECO inspiration
Soft hues combined with the roughness of cement makes every piece by Studio Twocan perfectly, imperfect.

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Images & information courtesy of Studio Twocan