DECO revampers - meet Stokperd
DECO meets Monya Eastman from Stokperd in our Revampers series

In our last #IDEAS101 issue, DECO Profiles investigated South Africa’s top revampers. From a muralist to a vertical gardener, we compiled a décor crew who can update your home like you won’t believe! Whether you’re restoring furniture or breaking down a wall, it’s amazing how simple tricks can revamp your home and make you feel refreshed.

Join us now as we introduce you to one of the featured
revampers and the brain behind Stokperd: Monya Eastman

We hear your name regularly mentioned amongst the décor and arts scene in Cape Town, but where did it all begin? I used to be a corporate girl, stuck in an office, daydreaming about making beautiful things. I then made the bold call to bust free of corporate and get my hands dirty in my own design business. I discovered a gap in the market when we renovated our own home – finding it incredibly difficult to source pieces of furniture which fitted our style and necessities, so I opted instead to design them myself, and thus Stokperd was born. Stokperd is the Afrikaans word for hobby (or stick horse if you translate directly) and it fits the idea of the business perfectly – it is now my professional hobby.

Elle Decoration SA
The Zappa Shelves from Stokperd

Your custom-made wooden furniture is flawless and fresh, but what sets you apart from other furniture companies?  All Stokperd items can be customised to client specs and wood preference. If you prefer something completely unique, or you have an odd space that needs an individual creation to make it work we can do it. I can visit your home, measure the space, take your idea and work it into something beautiful and functional.

In what way would you revamp someone’s office? A desk is the central feature of any office – it should be beautiful enough to inspire good ideas, and functional enough to stash away all the clutter. So I would design something around these two ideas. And a built-in coffee machine, so you never have to get up!

Elle Decoration SA
The Peggy Cabinet from Stokperd

Who is your favourite designer? Jorge Zalszupin. He is a Polish/Brazilian architect who started designing timeless furniture for his clients in the 1950s.

What is your top décor idea right now? I am loving unusual textures at the moment, everything from woven wicker surfaces to sandblasted walls that expose original brickwork. Ceramic and sawdust are also two materials that have caught my interest recently.


To get your hands on your own Stokperd piece, contact Monya at
or follow her on Twitter @stokperd

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