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Meet today's Revampers: Jan & Liani Douglas from Douglas & Company

In our latest issue, DECO PROFILES investigated South Africa’s top revampers. From a muralist to a vertical gardener, we have compiled a decor crew who can update your home like you won’t believe! Whether you’re restoring furniture or breaking down a wall, it is amazing how simple tricks can revamp your home and make you feel refreshed.

Join us now as we introduce you to one of our featured revampers: Jan and Liani Douglas

In a nutshell, Douglas & Company make contemporary products that are useful and full of character, which respond to our rich culture. From large to small scale construction projects, they can manage the additions to a space and provide products to the clients requirements. We got so inspired while getting to know these two creatives…

What can you offer home owners? Douglas & Company offer a wide range, whether it’s providing a new lamp from our range or making bespoke pieces of furniture, to alterations, additions and the design of a new building. We enjoy designing ‘complete’ environments and are able to assist clients with all aspects of the design and construction process. Strategic design changes can radically improve a space. We work closely with clients to achieve the most impact with their available budget.

Elle Decoration SA
Die Steunpilaar lighting Range by Douglas & Company


Your products have the most interesting names, can you tell us about that? We have a lot of fun naming our products and like the idea that the pieces might all be characters in some strange narrative, with authentic South African names based on our heritage. Many of the products look like strange creatures with adjustable ‘heads’ and ‘legs’ that add to their anthropomorphic qualities.

Pieces in the first collection referenced various archetypal forms of addressing Afrikaans men i.e Kantelknaap, Kantelmeester, Die Oom and Boetman. The next collection could have been a family saga in the grand South African tradition featuring Ðie Dienskneg (side table), Opsitkers (table lamp), Stiefma (bench) Swartskaap (floor lamp) and Versamelaar (bookshelf).

Elle Decoration SA
Douglas & Company – Die Swart Hings

What are your most significant projects thus far? Our first furniture range, ‘Africana Familia’ made its debut at the Design Indaba Expo in 2012 as part of the Emerging Creatives Programme, and a collaboration with Mr Price Home for a locally designed homeware range as part of their CoLab collection followed soon after.

Our top decor idea at the moment is to invest in timeless, classic pieces.


Elle Decoration SA
The Diskus light. by Douglas & Company


What is the greatest asset to South African Designers? International trendsetters are looking to Africa to formulate new design directions. The South African design sector offers a variety of artists that are eager to develop, learn and collaborate. It’s exciting because it is not saturated or stagnant, and all collaborating parties offer something fresh and unprecedented to the rest of the world. Local crafts and designs are elevated to stand alongside acclaimed international designs.

Dream commission: To design the South African pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale, or the Serpentine Pavilion in London.

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Get in touch with Douglas & Company at www.jandouglas.co.za or tweet them at @LianiWest.
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Compiled by Megan Schumann

Cover illustration by Sanri Pienaar and portrait by Julia Merrett