Last week DECO attended Flux Trend’s Youth Report 2030 presented by Dion Chang(@dionchang). During an extremely busy time at DECO – sending the magazine to print and hurriedly packing up our office – Bielle and I weren’t entirely prepared, perhaps emotionally, for the presentation.

Dion introduced the talk with a pre-warning that the content was ‘heavy’ and, in terms of the monthly presentations by Flux Trends, probably one of the hardest to sit through. For those who are not familiar with Flux Trends founded and headed by Dion, it’s an organisation that identifies, researches and presents trends in order to benefit businesses. The aim of the Youth Report 2030 is to present what is currently going on in South Africa, in terms of our burgeoning youth sector and the failures in education, family life and society, and how this is going to affect every single one of us



It was disturbing, informative and profoundly invigorating. The most important message that came through is that we, as South Africans, are failing our youth. By being constantly inundated with bad news, it’s natural that we would shy away from this reality, make it someone else’s problem. We need to focus on education, and although this is a mammoth ask, it has to come from all of us – government, society and individuals. We have so much potential, so much to offer, and it is possible for us to change the course of events and make this great country of ours great. Something needs to be done and everyone, by doing even the smallest thing, however tiny, can make a huge difference. With Mandela Day coming up, perhaps it could be an excellent starting point to promote even more awareness in an attempt to create change.

The infographic above is a brief summary produced from Flux Trend’s research of where we are falling short, and why, and offers ways of how we can address these issues. There are organisations who are doing excellent work and hopefully will inspire you as much as it did us here at DECO. Visit these sites and please also share with as many individuals and businesses you can! The full Youth Report is available for purchase from Flux Trends so please contact them at

We urge you to give your support to the following organisations:


Text: Michael Owen: DECO Features Writer/Copy Editor ( Twitter: @Michael_writes)